‘hldsupdatetool’ recently was upgraded to ‘steamcmd‘. This new tool makes it more difficult for admins and users to properly update their game servers.

You will need a steam account to download servers using the new tool. This does not have to be your regular steam account, we recommend creating one or more new accounts to update your game servers:

View the wiki for steamcmd here:

Find the AppId for the game(S) you want to download here:

Installing SteamCMD

Linux Example:

Install steamcmd to /usr/local/games/steamcmd/

tar zxvf steamcmd.tar.gz
chmod -R 755 linux32
mv linux32 /usr/local/games/steamcmd/

Windows Example:

Install steamcmd.exe to C:\steamcmd

Automatically Update Games Daily

Using bash/batch scripts you can set your games repository to automatically update every day. We recommend you use 1 installation repository and use that to update all your local copies. This is recommended because you can only run one instance of steamcmd at a time.

Linux Example:
Create a file, /usr/local/games/, and paste the following code:

$STEAMCMD "+login $1 $2 $5" +force_install_dir $3 "+app_update $4 validate" +quit

Save the file then chmod it +x:

chmod +x /usr/local/games/

Execute the wrapper like:

/usr/local/games/ [steam user] [steam pass] [repository folder] [appid] [steam auth code]


Once you have the wrapper script you can then execute the updates via a daily crontab file.
Create a cron file, /etc/cron.daily/
Place your update code in the file:

/usr/local/games/ myuser mypass /usr/local/games/csgo-ds 740


Windows Example:
Create a file, C:\steacmd\steamcmdwrapper.bat
Edit the file
Add the following code

C:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe "+login %1 %2 %5" +force_install_dir %3 "+app_update %4 validate" +quit

Execute the wrapper like:

C:\steamcmd\steamcmdwrapper.bat [steam user] [steam pass] [repository folder] [appid] [steam auth code]


Click Start
Click Programs
Click Accessories, System Tools, and then Scheduled Tasks.
Action > Create Basic Task
Start a Program
Pick c:\steamcmd\steamcmdwrapper.bat

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